Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities

Supported Housing

Mobile flexible services for adults provided by a staffing team assigned to support people who live in their own home or apartment.  Typical services include: support with home management, finances, medications, food, and access to other services.  Face to face contact is usually provided 2-4 times per week, but can be increased/ decreased according to need. 


Residential Rehabilitation

These time-limited services for adults are provided in a home owned or leased by the agency. A staffing team provides on-site support as needed in a 24-hour environment.  Some residential services are not 24-hour depending on the person’s needs.  These services are generally more intensive than supported housing.   


The Wellness & Recovery Center

People need other people as part of the recovery process. To help people avoid leading isolated lives, the Wellness and Recovery Center has been designed to offer activities that help adults expand their support networks and learn skills that are useful when dealing with a  mental health disability.  The center is open M-W-F from 9:00—1:30. Lunch is served from 11:00—11:45am. On T-T Center staff meet people downtown to participate in a community activity. Bagged lunches are provided downtown at 12pm. Center news is published monthly in the Short Takes newsletter. The letter is published by and for people in recovery and includes a schedule, menu and other news items.


Children and Adolescents with Behavioral and/or Emotional Problems


Supported Housing Services

Mobile flexible services for young people who are living with a parent or caregiver.  Typical services include skills teaching and support with: anger management skills; coping skills; self-esteem; social skills; and independent living skills;  as well as other services.  Face to face contact is usually provided once a week but can be increased/ decreased according to need.


Group Activities

Skill building activities designed to help young people develop the social and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in various environments.  These activities focus on developing and utilizing skills such as:  interpersonal skills, social skills, coping skills, and developing and using a support network. 


Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Residential Services

Staff provide supports to people living in agency-owned/rented housing.  Help in all areas of daily living is provided, including money and apartment management, personal hygiene, and medications.


 Individual Support Services

Individualized one-on-one support, often for social/recreational purposes, help people live successfully in the community.



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