Archway has about 140 employees, half full-time, half part-time. 

 Most employees start their careers at Archway as part time employees.   When a full time position opens up, it is normally filled by promoting a part-time worker.

 The qualifications for a part-time, entry level position are: 

·              A high school diploma or GED

·              An acceptable driving record

·              An acceptable criminal background check

The hourly wage falls between $9.10 and $9.69, depending on an applicant’s educational level and the specific assigned job.  There is also a shift differential of either $1.25 (weekday evenings and weekend daylight) or $2.50 (weekend evenings and night shift).  The only fringe benefit for part time staff is a limited amount of paid leave.

Archway provides services to people recovering from mental illness as well as people who are intellectually challenged.  We also work with kids and teens overcoming serious emotional and/or behavioral problems.  There are many different teams providing supports.  Where you’ll end up working depends on many different factors.

New employees are provided an intensive 30-day orientation, including 60 hours of on-the-job shadowing before working independently.


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